dinsdag, juli 04, 2023

Do Remo pre-international ('60s Premier sized) drum heads fit sixties (pre 1968) Beverley shells?

I acquired a pre '68 five piece Beverley kit (22,16,14,13,12") with a 14x5,5" Cosmic 21 snare. The 16" floor tom is slightly lager than 16" and the 12" tom is slightly smaller. Now I've measured and googled wether Remo pre-international heads would fit (since Beverley shells were made in same factory as Premier) and some website said that Beverley never made pre-international sizes, but this turned out to be bogus. Only one way to find out and that is to try the heads and I did. The remo pre-international heads fit like a glove on the 16" and 12" toms. On the snare and the 13" tom regular heads can be used.

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