maandag, januari 22, 2007

Timbaland bites amiga/c64 scener tune for commercial release

Timbaland bites amiga/c64 scener tune 'Acidjazzed Evening' for commercial release 'Do it' (Nelly Furtado). The original track was composed by demo scener Janne Suni (handle: Tempest), in the arrangement of Glenn Rune Gallefoss (handle: GRG). The orginal track was for Amiga and ended first in the Oldskool Music competition at the Assembly 2000 demoparty Helsinki 2000. The GRG remix was for commodore 64. This is the one that Timbaland took, used as backingtrack for Nelly Furtado's 'Do it', and released as if he was the composer.

For more info : Timbaland Plagiarism Controversy on Wikipedia

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